Luka Vidaković

Project: y2pilot

App screenshot

Live app

The codebase is a mess but I decided to share it as open source through 2 repositories:

What is y2pilot?

y2pilot is web application that controls Youtube video playback. It uses original Youtube Player through the Javascript iframe API to allow creating anonymous playlists that don’t stop for ads.

Why I created y2pilot ?

YouTube is the most universal video library in the world. Visit a website, chose video and start watching. It’s as easy as that, and can be done from almost any device. But, what if you want to quickly create a playlist for the moment and forget about it once you’re finished watching. What if you want to make a playlist loop indefinitely, choose the exact videos, and make them play without interruptions? What if you want to do all of that anonymously?

YouTube website and apps don’t cover that uses cases. Especially if you already have a bunch of YouTube links stored somewhere and you want to quickly make a playlist out of them. This was exactly the problem I had, before I decided to solve it with y2pilot

Targeted use cases

playlists for the given moment

  1. create a playlist to listen to in that moment, no account needed
  2. listen without interruptions
  3. forget that the playlist ever existed

private gatherings

Avoid having a single person in charge of music. With y2pilot you can easily have multiple people add videos to the playlist at any time and videos will loop non-stop. You can also create a playlist in advance and build on top of it on the spot. No need to create or switch app accounts, install apps, avoid being tracked for sketchy songs in your playlist…

loop multiple videos

Loop videos indefinitely without stopping. Think background music or a showcase scenario where the videos need to loop forever, without interruptions