Luka Vidaković

Intro to non-dev things

Hello there!

Few months ago I planned to create a course about web development and programming jobs in general. After laying out the rough outline and shaping the rough outline of the course I figured out it will probably take me months of work to achieve something of high enough quality that I wouldn’t hesitate to sell. I decided not to pursue this idea since in the meantime I switched jobs and that consumed some of my free time. Some of that content remained piled up in my documents. I gathered it, simplified, and decided to share with everyone through a series of posts. This is not a comprehensive list, but it contains a couple of things that are useful to know.

This post series is for people that consider to pursue a web development position, or the ones that have already started learning and preparing for it, but aren’t sure about what to expect once they get employed. I hope it’ll help you understand how web development job fits into bigger picture of building web products. Even if you are a junior developer, this might help you clear up some thoughts and ideas about decision making, stakes, overall possibilities you may have and the path that’s ahead of you in your career.

All the information is primarily something that would’ve made a difference in how I approached things at the beginning of my career and I know it’ll clear up a some misconceptions and unknowns for you as well. Once you are aware of the structures and roles that interact and collaborate with your potential position it will help you steer your career in the direction you’d want it to go and help you become a better team member.